48v 300ah lithium forklift battery
48v 300ah lithium forklift battery
48v 300ah lithium forklift battery
48v 300ah lithium forklift battery
48v 300ah lithium forklift battery

48v 300ah lithium forklift battery

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
1 unit
Supply Ability:
50000 unit / Month
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
25 to 40 Days

48v 300ah lithium forklift battery

Brief Introduction

The Polinovel company has developed power battery and energy storage lifepo4 cells more than 10 models, which are widely used in the fields of mining power power supply, electric vehicles, special vehicles and electric forklifts series power supply; landscape storage and home energy storage ; communications base station backup power supply, portable power supply; robot power supply, etc. And has been to be the top-class suppliers to provide solutions and products of mine intelligence power system, electric forklift series, fire fighting robot, cleaning car Series of intelligent power system and energy storage system.


Basic Parameter

Forklift project conventional power supply configuration specifications
(special requirements can be customized)
Item Name1.5 to 2.5T3 to 3.5T
Specification48v 300ah48v 360ah80v 300ah80v 500ah
Nominal Voltage (V)
Nominal Opacity (Ah)300360300500
Power (Wh)15.3617.2824.941.6
Length (mm)820812958958
Width (mm)390737675675
Height (mm)460470670670
Weight (kg)400300500600
Operating Voltage (V)40 to 54.440 to 54.465 to 8765 to 87
Charging Voltage (V)58.458.494.994.9
Charging Current Range (A)1 to1501 to 1501 to1501 to 150
Continuous Operating Current (A)1 to 1501 to 1501 to 1501 to 200
Cycle life5 to 8 years

Polinovel company provide customers with lithium battery power forklift vehicle solutions. Supply of various lithium battery power counterbalance lift truck, pallet truck etc.

1.Independent research and development of lifepo4 batteries have the characteristics of high energy density long cycle life, high safety performance, product consistency and can adapt to a wide range of environments;

2.Independent research and development of lifepo4 smart power supply that adopts intelligent battery management system can fully control the battery, achieve automatic battery output balance and extend the battery life;

3.The adoption of the imported components used in Fuel Forklifts VS Lithium Battery Electric Forklift key parts of the vehicle and electronic control system, rigorous reliability test of important components which ensure the stability of the whole performance;

4.Realizing seamless docking of CAN-bus data transmission and vehicle control system and charging system which completely placed the vehicle under safety control;

5.With the features of Maintenance free, zero emission, long life, strong power, the batteries ensure the equipment to work stably in a long term.

The Polinovel company puts forward the transformation plan for forklift about replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium battery pack. The Polinovel company has introduced power replacement upgrade program against with lead-acid electric forklift in the market Not only allowing customers to fully enjoy the new energy lithium battery's high efficiency, economy and environmental protection, but also saving the cost of buying a frame so that customer's resources are used to the maximum extent.

Lithium battery power advantages:

1.Independent research and development of lifepo4 batteries have the features of high energy density, long cycle life, high safety performance, product consistency and adapt to a wide range of environments;

2.Smart Battery Management System (BMS) that adopts advanced battery management control strategies and unique algorithms to monitor battery usage in real time and provide accurate estimates of remaining battery charge (SOC) and battery health (SOH).

3.Independent research and development of lithium battery monitor, in addition to the real-time display of battery data, also has the function of broadcasting the system status and fault alarm to remind the driver to keep abreast of the system operation and make a correct response in time.

4.Power Performance Operation Data Uploaded to cloud server through cloud computing function is to provide technical assurance for safe operation, timely maintenance and system upgrade of the equipment.

5.Intelligent thermal management circuit design fully safeguards the reliable operation at high and low temperature.

6.Imported connectors and high-performance electrical components guarantee power supply for long-term use.

7.Solid and reliable structure, easy installation, superior anti-vibration performance

8.Sealing structure design fully ensures the equipment operating safely in high dust, high humidity environment. We offer targeted design for each customer and comprehensively consider lithium power replacement program for customers in all aspects.

Lithium battery forklift VS lead acid forklift

Item NameLead-acid Battery Electric ForkliftLifepo4 Battery Electric Forklift
Cycle lifeCycle life 800 timesCycle life 4000 times
Fast charging featuresCan't fast charging (Need 8-12H)Can fast charging (Only need 1-2H)
Charging characteristicsWith memory, charging must be full
(Release harmful gases when charging)
No memory, chaiging and using at any time, no harmful gas precipitation.
Charging efficiency77%~86%98%
MaintenanceRegular maintenance, Regularly adding distilled water
(for example: 48V 600ah battery pack need add water about 30L per week in summer)
temperature range
long-term below 0 cesus degree will be causing damage to the batteryApplicable - 20 to 55 cesus degree, high and low temperature protection
Using the battery pack with 8 years4 unit battery pack1 unit battery pack

Lithium battery forklift VS Fuel forklift

Item NameFuel ForkliftLifepo4 Battery Electric Forklift
service life
5 - 8years5-8years
Maintenance timesPer 500HPer 1000H
Maintenance costsEvery 500 hours to replace the engine three filters and oil. Every 1000 hours to replace the transmission oil and belts etc.No need replacing the engine three filters and oil Nothing
Energy costs
(take 3 tons forklift for example)
Fuel costs is about US$15 while working 8hours
(take China fuel cost for examaple)
Electricity cost is about US$4.5 while working 8hours((take China electricity cost for examaple)
Operating ConditionsLoud noise, a large number of harmful gas emissions with pungent odorMute no noise, no exhaust gas

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