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Polinovel Lithium Technology

Polinovel attaches great importance to the technological innovation in lifepo4 battery. We recruit

excellent battery engineers from the battery industry to ensure that our customers can obtain

advanced, safe and reliable lithium battery.

Polinovel Innovative Lithium Battery

Polinovel have launched the patented screw fastening structure, ”BMS+Safe board” dual protection,

smarting heating, Bluetooth monitoring, GPS monitoring etc innovative technology in our lithium batteries.

They are popular with customers.

Why Polinovel >

Arctic Series Lithium Battery

Polinovel ARCTIC series low temperature lifepo4 batteries can perform well at -35℃ (-31℉).

It integrates intelligent heating system and BMS to supply you with reliable power in winter or cold areas.

Low temperature battery >

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