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What information should I know when upgrade lead acid battery to lithium?

As to get right battery for replacement, you need to know your voltage, capacity, power and size requirements. Please contact Polinovel technical support if you need assistance and they will be happy to make sure you choose the right battery.

How long will it take to charge a lithium battery?

LiFePO4 batteries can be charged in as fast as 1 hour, while a rate that charges in 2-5 hours is  more recommended, which is good for lifespan of lithium battery. Please contact our sales for more detail recommended charge rates.

What is a BMS? What does it do and where is it located?

BMS stands for Battery Management System, it works to protecting the cells from getting damaged against over or under-voltage, over current, high temperature or external short-circuiting. The BMS will shut off the battery to protect the cells from unsafe operating conditions. All Polinovel batteries have a built-in BMS, that are not visible for customers at most of time, to manage and protect battery against these types of issues.

How deep can a lithium iron phosphate battery be discharged?

LiFePO4 batteries can be discharged up to 100% without risk of damage. Make sure you are charge your battery immediately after discharge. We recommend discharging battery to 80-90% depth of discharge (DOD) to avoid the BMS disconnecting the battery.

How does the rate of discharge effect capacity?

The discharge rate of the LiFePO4 battery has no effect on the delivered capacity. This is not the case with lead-acid batteries, which capacity decreases significantly as the discharge rates increases.

Can I mount the battery in horizontal or other position?

Yes, you can mount your lifepo4 battery in any position, because there is no acid inside of lifepo4 battery, and the small amount of liquid electrolyte is contained and sealed within cell. This gives you more flexibility to install the battery in the place where is best suited for your application.

What’s the difference between series and parallel connections?

Series connections involve connecting 2 or more batteries together to increase the voltage of the battery bank. Parallel connections involve connecting 2 or more batteries together to increase the capacity of the battery bank. For example, if you connect 2 x 12V 100Ah batteries in series, the battery system will be 24V 100Ah. If you connect 2 x 12V 100Ah batteries in parallel, the battery system will be 12V 200Ah. Please feel free contact Polinovel for assistance if you have query about the connection.

How can I determine the SOC (state of charge) of my lithium iron phosphate battery?

The best way to determine the SOC of your battery is to use a battery indicator— a high-precision instrument that captures instantaneous and integrated data in real-time. Polinovel HDN series LiFePO4 batteries have embedded indicator that can accurately measure the discharge currents and calculates the Ampere hours flowing in and out of the battery.

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