12v 180ah lifepo4 lithium rv solar battery
12v 180ah lifepo4 lithium rv solar battery

12v 180ah lifepo4 lithium rv solar battery

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
1 unit
Supply Ability:
50000 unit / Month
Country of Origin:
Shenzhen, China
Stock Time:
25 to 40 Days

12v 180ah lifepo4 lithium rv solar battery

lithium ion battery 180ah

Polinovel produce high quality lifepo4 lithium battery pack for light electric vehicle, golf cart, rickshaw, boat and energy storage application field. The battery voltage is from 12v to 120v, the capacity is from 20ah to 2000ah.

PolinovelAdvantages:First-class R&D team: Our R&D colleagues are from the TOP3 Lithium battery companies in China. we have rich experience in battery design, electronics, testing and real application. We keep close communication with university and scientific institution. We promise to offer you a professional and high cost-effective solution. Strict Quality Control: We set strict QC standards include appearance, package, internal structure, electric performance etc. We promise to offer our customers high quality battery. Customer first culture: 80% of our customers are 5 years above long term partners. We treat our customers as our friends, family members. Every batteries we produced, sold are priceless trust from customers, we cherish it and match word to deed.

Battery TypeLifepo4
Nominal Voltage12.8V
Nominal Capacity180Ah
Recommend Charge Voltage14.6V
Floating Charge Voltage13.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage10V
Charge Current Range0.1 to 100A
Max Continuous Discharge Current100 / 160A
Peak Discharge Current (<3s)320A
DimensionLength: 480mm
Width: 169mm
Height: 240mm

lifepo4 12v 180ah

Clients & Polinovel

Clients Gallary.pnglithium ion battery 180ahlifepo4 12v 180ah

Life Cycle of Polinovel Battery

lithium ion battery 180ah

Even for Polinovel Battery,under 100% DOD, it remains 80% of initial capacity after more than 2,000 life cycles;and, under 50% DOD, it remains 80% of initial capacity after 6,000 life cycles.Without improper use, 8~10 years life time is no problem forPolinovel Battery.

Temperature Effects on Polinovel Battery

Most of our customers concerns about the working temperature of our batteries,
sometimes, even we know that the common working temperature of different chemistry lithium batteries, they still hope to confirm with the supplier before making an order.
Below testing results is about the discharge capacity of 12V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery pack under different temperature.

lifepo4 12v 180ah

@1C discharge, our battery remains,

75% discharge @working temperature -10℃

90% discharge @working temperature 0℃

98% discharge @working temperture 20℃

99% discharge @working temperature 40℃

Over-temperature Protection

With over temperature protection, BMS will cut off discharge or charge when battery temperature meet 65℃.

Custom Solutions according to working enviroment

Hot Environment

Design better heat dissipation structure,

Add cooling devices if necessary,

... ...

Cold Environment

Precharge circuit to heat up battery,

Choose special low temperature cells,

... ...

Polinovel lithium battery waterproof testing

Polinovel high technology lithium batteries are also widely used for marine applications, like the Yachts, Fishing Boats, Sailing boats, Kayak, Catamaran, etc. Most manufacturers, business, user are concerned about the case of the battery can be waterproof or not.

12v 180ah lithium battery

Analog Car Vibration Test

To ensure the safety of our lithium batteries, we not only had many electric tests, but also had a series of environment tests, including the Analog Car Vibration Testbelow.

lithium ion battery 180ah


The quality of products is often reflected in some small details. In order to highlight the quality of the product, we must pay attention to the details of the product and pay attention to details, which is one of the secrets of product quality.

lifepo4 12v 180ah

For more details of each series batteries, please check on our website or contact our sales.


12v 180ah lithium battery

Polinovel provide both battery cells and battery packs, with the most advance production technology and the highest quality components, to make our lithium batteries unlike others in the market.Polinovel strictly follow the high-standard production and testing processes, to guarantee lithium batteries are qualified and safe for use in different applications.

Some Application Case of Polinovel Battery

1. Energy Storage field.

lithium ion battery 180ah

The 12KW solar system configured with 12pcsx12V/300Ah polinovel battery, total approx. 43.2KWH power to keep the household appliances running for a whole rainy/cloudy day(Click above picture to know more...).

2. Light Vehicle (Boat) Filed.

lifepo4 12v 180ah

The 48V 5000W inverter for our customers with 4pcsx12V/200Ah Polinovel battery, total approx.9600Wh powe to keep the boat application running. (Click above picture to know more...).

3. RV etc. 12V Battery Field.

12v 180ah lithium battery

Our customer using 12V 1000W inverter with 1pc X12V/100Ah (lifepo4) battery for the RV.(Click above picture to know more...).


Please Just feel free to tell us the battery you are looking for . We have high professional design and production experience in lithium battery pack solution. Dear friend, Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Polinovel Production & Delivery

We understand customer's concern on lead time, and we always do our best to shorten our production time without sacrificing quality.

Polinovel OEM & ODM Service

In lithium battery industry, different customers may have different requirements on their batteries, because of their different applications. Besides, most customers would prefer to have the batteries with their own brand.

Thank you for your visiting to our showroom, please feel free to contact us, we promise to offer you a professional and effective solution plan .

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